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Welcome to my DJI drone web site! Welcome to my DJI drone web site!

NOTE: I only speak/read/write English so please send msg in English thanks :)

Welcome to my DJI drone web site!

These are for IOS/APPLE ONLY!!!

NOTE: all files on this site have a small fee (USD) to download. This will help support the web site!..thanks :)

This web site has hacks,mods,tweaks,mods,etc for iOS/apple DJI programs/apps for DJI drones!

Fcc,boost mods

NFZ (no fly zone) mods/removed

Tweak/mod DJI GO 4

Fcc mods

Boost mods 1.5 watt output

32 channel mods

Frequencies mods=2.3-2.5ghz

Stock DJI GO 4

Stock Decrypted DJI GO 4

Stock DJI GO 3

Stock DJI GO 2

Stock DJI pilot

How to/help videos

Tech support

and so much more!!

Check out the links above!

Install via web installer link onto YOUR device (iphone,ipad)! Want to see a video on how this works? Click here for that video!

Have questions or want more information? Click here for more info!

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